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Nursery & School Name Badges

  Personalised ID Badges

Premium Quality Child-Care Products


Nursery Name Badge/Creche Name Badge

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Whether you work in a Nursery, Crèche, Primary or Secondary School, Domed Staff Name Badges can play a crucial role in helping you to create a safer, more secure environment for the children in your care.

Security and Trust


Our superb quality digitally printed name badges help to heighten the profile of your staff to children, parents and visitors alike by promoting trust and security through your organisation’s personalised name badges which carry the individual names of each staff member along with their relevant position if required.

Domed name badges are suitable for:

  • Teachers
  • Child Minders
  • Teaching Assistants  
  • Administration staff
  • Catering staff
  • Visitors

Free samples






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                10 Reasons      

                  Good reasons

to use our Domed Staff Name Badges:

     10 Reasons

1.   Increased awareness    Tick Box
2.  Safer environment    Tick Box
3. Building trust    Tick Box
4. Enhanced security    Tick Box
5. Professional identity    Tick Box
6. Highlight team values    Tick Box
7. Child safe design    Tick Box  
8. Lasting quality    Tick Box
9. Superb full colour    Tick Box
10. Superb service!    Tick Box

Professional appearance

Enhance your professional image and brand values when you choose from a selection of designs and shapes which can be used with pin, combi or magnetic fixings. It`s important how the outside world sees you; your personalised corporate quality name badges will help strengthen the team and brand values that you and your organisation strive for.

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Not sure what design to have?  Don`t worry, our design team will happilly draught some ideas for you - free of charge!


    Domed Badges for Nurseries     


    Domed Name Bades for schools  


Staff name badges can be personalised with:

  • Individual names  
  • Positions or titles
  • Full colour logos 
  • Photographic images
  • Choice of Pin/Combi/Magnetic fixings   
  • Choice of badge shape/style/size

 Free samples




Pin Badge Fixing

Pin Badge FixingsEver popular method of attaching the badge to fabrics by using a simple pin which is easily guided into the pin catch.


Combi Clip Fixing

Combi Badge FixingsA dual choice attachment comprising a standard pin fixing and a sturdy plastic crocodile clip which can be quickly deployed onto garments.    

                                    Magnetic Fixing 

Magnetic Badge FixingsBy far the most popular choice of badge attachments.  The powerful dual pole magnet holds the badge in place without damaging light fabrics - a must for ladies! 

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Free personalised sample!

Want to know how to get your free personalised sample?  Free samples
Follow 3 easy steps:


  1. Logo - Find the best electronic (JPEG, PDF etc) artwork that you have. No artwork? No worries! Just pick up the phone and speak to our sales staff on  01443 841840
  2. Pick a badge design & fixing
  3. Supply a sample name (& position if required)

       Now you`re ready to order your free badge.


    Domed Creche Name Badges


        Email the information to:
   Email us


Sit back and await the arrival of your free personalised Domed Name Badge - in a few days!

Should you have any queries in the meantime, just pick up the phone and chat to our sales staff about any issues you`re not clear about:

                                    Call us

                               01443 841840


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