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Chris Betts

General Manager


DecTek welcomed Chris aboard in 2009. Recently promoted from Sales Manager, Chris now takes on the responsibilities of General Manager. He is responsible for sales enquiries and draws on great experience in both sales and customer care both in the UK and mainland Europe. He still manages to put in a full shift as well as bringing up three young children with his wife Kath. Longs for the day when his children can pick him up from the pub.

Likes: Nabbing the ‘big one’

Quirky Fact: Chris has an arcade fruit machine in his hallway.

Favourite Country: America

Wouldn't be seen dead watching: Eurovision

Easily wound up by: Shopping with the wife

Katie Jones

Production & Office
Administration Manager


DecTek welcomed Kate in 2013 and she quickly started to put her huge experience from the wide-format world in to action. Equally at home getting her hands dirty as solving issues within the office, obviously not just a number cruncher, our very own Miss Fix-It.

Likes: Accountancy, Watching Rugby, Reading

Quirky Fact: She just managed to avoid being run over by Bruce Forsyth in a golf buggy.

Favourite Country: Wales

Wouldn't be seen dead watching: Soaps

Easily wound up by: People who drop litter

Dave Rees

Technical Supervisor


Dave’s role relates to all the technical issues surrounding digital printing and the application of resin. A mechanical engineering graduate, Dave loves nothing better than to find out why something is broken and to calmly fix it while all others scream about impending deadlines - calmness personified.

Likes: Anything breaking down

Quirky Fact: Dave met his Chilean wife Claudia when on holiday in Chile – Yes, that’s Claudia, our Despatch Manageress!

Favourite Country: I would respectably suggest it would be Chile

Wouldn't be seen dead watching: Contrived reality TV

Easily wound up by: Tidy people

Steve Wassell

Head of Design


Steve is now one of DecTek’s most experienced staff members and has over 30 years experience in graphic design. A keen photographer and much travelled to boot, he’s the ‘go to’ man for all things Adobe, Corel or 3D – you name it, he can draw it! Not many places he hasn’t visited or photographed for that matter.

Likes: Photography, IT, Travel, Real Ale

Quirky Fact: Steve has had nearly 5 million views on his Photographic FLICKR site in 3 years.

Favourite Country: Chile

Wouldn't be seen dead watching: Television

Easily wound up by: Answering stupid questions like these.

Richard Lewis



Richard is in charge of the all the black arts that surround the mysterious world of the internet web thingy. Graduating from The University of the West of England, he brings tremendous enthusiasm to a growing marketing team at DecTek and looks after everything that concerns DecTek’s eCommerce website. Mind you, we would like to know exactly what he does for us…

Likes: Web Design, Travel, Photography, Urban Exploring and all things Horror.

Quirky Fact:

Favourite Country: Czech Republic

Wouldn't be seen dead watching: Hollywood Films

Easily wound up by: Bad Drunks

Kate Green

Finance Manager


Kate juggles the figures and makes sure that the DecTek staff canteen fridge is always full. A skilled administrator who handles everything fiscal, she certainly knows her fudiciaries from her futures. Can mostly be heard to say “Did you get a receipt?”

Likes: Riding her horse, Reading, Shopping!!!

Quirky Fact: Once met Prince Charles

Favourite Country: Cyprus

Wouldn't be seen dead watching: Rugby & Football

Easily wound up by: Queuing

Kellie Jones

Sales Accounts


Kellie is the lady charged with keeping our cash-flow in order – if you haven’t paid on time, beware! Through a mixture of tact, firmness and Sales Ledger experience in the bucket loads, she may be sweet but she’s not to be trifled with (yes I know).

Likes: Riding her horse, Family time, Holidaying in the family caravan.

Quirky Fact: Kellie once mentioned to GM Dave that she used to be chased off a local cricket square when riding her horse - Dave replied that it was him doing the chasing as he was secretary of the club, Subsequently Kellie now works more hours than anyone else.

Favourite Part of the World: Devon

Wouldn't be seen dead watching: Soaps

Easily wound up by: Arrogance

Suzkina Jones

Name Badge Department Manager


Suzkina uses her Design Degree from Newport University to great effect producing the many thousands of name badges that leave DecTek every week. Loves using all the different codes, scripts, spreadsheets, complicated data merging and software programmes that DecTek utilizes. To be honest, it’s all gobbledegook to most of us.

Likes: Any new digital skill, Wedding Photography, Drawing, Painting

Quirky Fact: Suz became a qualified fitness instructor to help her brother who became partially paralysed through a diving accident.

Favourite Country: USA

Wouldn't be seen dead watching: Soaps

Easily wound up by:

Claudia Rees

Production Lead


Claudia hails from the warmer climes of Chile and met her husband (yes, our Dave) before settling in not so warm Wales. Loves her Chilean football and can be heard to say “Has someone turned off the heating?” or “Has Wales got a football team?”

Likes: Football, Gym,

Quirky Fact: Like all Chileans, Claudia celebrates Xmas day at 12 midnight, not when she wakes up!

Favourite Country: You can’t take the Chile out the girl.

Wouldn't be seen dead watching: Poirot (perhaps a Chilean thing?)

Easily wound up by: The British weather

Mandy Hazell

Proforma Payments


Mandy is one of DecTek’s latest signings and is responsible for all new business payments. Mandy likes nothing more than to calmly unwind from a hectic week in the DecTek office by watching a riotous, raucus, rough and ready game of rugby.

Likes: Rugby, Grandchildren, Holidaying

Quirky Fact: Mandy is very superstitious!

Favourite Country: Wales

Wouldn't be seen dead watching: TOWIE

Easily wound up by: Aggressive people


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