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Types of Vinyl Labels

Custom Vinyl Laminated Labels & Laminated Stickers, Warning Stickers, Custom Safety Labels, Durable Stickers, Warehouse Location Labels, Floor Labels, & Industrial Stickers

Vinyl labels are ideal for almost any use as they can be supplied in different shapes, sizes, varying adhesive backing and all in full colour without incurring expensive add-on costs. Typical usage can spread across many different types of industries with different requirements and demands being made which will eventual ensure that the labels are fit for purpose when manufactured, these industries include:

Vinyl Label - Yellow Transpedal by DecTek
  • Warehouse
  • Asset Management
  • Industrial
  • Security
  • Exterior
  • Products

How do vinyl labels differ with regards to use?

Vinyl label requirement can vary greatly from a give-away sticker to a very sophisticated high-end RFID asset label and all places in between! Performance characteristics can include:

Vinyl Sticker in Mirror Silver - AVIT by DecTek
  • Colour matching
  • Data integration
  • Temperature
  • Adhesion
  • Friction
  • Presence of moisture
  • Nature of substrate material e.g. plastic, metal, glass, wood etc.

All these factors will determine what kind of process, print materials, adhesives; inks and data preparation will be needed before a suitable solution can be found.

Here's an example table of uses and characteristics when using vinyl labels:

Floor LabelsHigh Tack AdhesivesImpact ResistantTamper ProofUV Resistant
Floor GraphicsSuper Strength AdhesivesScratch ResistantTamper ResistantWeather Proof
Aisle LabelsBarcodesUV StableSelf-Destruct Vinyl LabelsExterior Grade
Rack LabelsNumber RunsTough CoatingsVoid if Removed LabelsWater-Proof
Safety LabelsSequential NumbersSuper Strength AdhesivesSecurity FilmsHigh Temperatures
Hanging SignsVariable TextLarge SizesSpecialised MaterialsLow Temperatures
Magnetic LabelsColour CodedLamination - Gloss/MattTamper EvidentAnti-Glare

Warehouse & Industrial Labels & Stickers

Our expertise in digital print and vinyl materials allows us to offer a huge range of labelling options for whatever your requirement. Our processes and options allow for adhesives that can withstand almost all environments.

Warning Stickers, Durable Stickers, Laminated Labels, Custom Safety Labels, Safety Decals
Durable Labels, Warning Stickers, Custom Safety Labels, Safety Decals

As well as safety labelling we also offer digitially printed solutions for Warehouses and Industry. Items such as Racking labels, aisle stickers, factory decals and various labelling options. Should you be requiring more of a Warehouse signage solution, please see Industrial & Warehouse Signage for more information on the range of materials and finishes that we can print in house. We are confident we can find a solution to your warehouse or factory labelling issues.

Electrical Labels, Durable Matt Laminated Stickers, Custom Safety Labels, Warning Stickers
Large Custom Safety Labels, Durable Labels, Waterproof Labels, Laminated Stickers

We also have additional options for your signs and labels such as sequential numbering, barcoding, QR Codes, image and data merge, colour coding; Our processes can be utilised to create as smart a sign or label as you require.

Vinyl Label with sequential numbering, QR codes, colour, Region Data Merge by DecTek

Using integrated data for labelling

Thanks to the advances in software, it is now possible to use integrated data far more freely when dealing with labels and without high additional costs. Using spreadsheet-fed data, you can now easily print a diverse range of data driven designs within any shape of size.

Typical usage includes:

  • Sequential Numbering (alpha - numerical)
  • Barcoding
  • 2D Barcoding
  • QR Codes
  • Multi-Image Insertion

When using this kind of data, it is essential that all the data has been checked properly before sending as DecTek cannot be held responsible for mistakes after the data has been committed to print – check and check again before sending!

Barcode Labels, QR Code Labels, 2D Barcode Labels, Laminated Labels
Barcode Labels, QR Code Labels, Durable Stickers, 2D Barcode Labels, Laminated Stickers

What type of vinyl label do I need?

This obviously depends on the use, environment and required life span which can in turn influence the performance and cost. Here`s some hints at what you should be thinking of and how these factors can affect the general performance of your label:

Vinyl Label Domed Sticker, Alarm Repeater by DecTek
  1. Vinyl Choice - Normal requirements will require standard vinyl’s which accounts for the majority DecTek label orders but specialist materials maybe be needed for purposes such as security, hi-vis, outdoor, high or low temperatures or floor to name but a few.
  2. Surface Type - This refers to the actual surface the vinyl label will need to adhere to so that the correct adhesive can be used. Low surface energy plastics like Polypropylene and Polyethylene will demand specific adhesives to work properly unlike many metals or glass which have a high surface energy.
  3. Lamination - The lamination process ensures that either a gloss or matt laminate film protects the label from a variety of threats e.g. cleaning, liquids, UV light, weather conditions, rubbing or brushing contact with other surfaces or general wear and tear.
  4. Metallics - There are many types of metallic vinyl’s to choose from such as Mirror Silver, Mirror Gold and matt materials such as Astral, all of which will give stunning results whether using inkjet or thermal transfer print.
  5. Life Expectancy - Most vinyl's have a life expectancy of between 3-7 years depending on use, check that this is suitable for your particular needs.

What to consider before ordering your vinyl labels?

Here are some things to consider before placing an order for vinyl labels:

Vinyl Sticker - Circle by DecTek
  • Primary function (ie branding, security etc.)
  • Substrate surface type
  • Environment
  • Inside or outside use
  • Life span
  • Liquid presence
  • Data integration

Can you print bitmaps?

All our inkjet machines can print bitmaps up to 1440dpi which produces fantastic results. Thermal transfer only prints at 600dpi making unsuitable for bitmap reproduction.

Will you supply a proof before printing?

If we produced proofs for every job, we would ultimately spend most of our time chasing clients for approval so we do not as standard, however, we are more than happy to supply artwork proofs when requested.

Brushed Metallic Silver vinyl label - Stegta by DecTek

Can you provide a free vinyl label sample?

This will depend on the size of a pending order as setting up a job twice with no return will result in loss making although we are able to do it on a high percentage of orders, please speak to our Sales Team.

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