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Domed Label Glossary


Any change made by the customer to artwork which has already been submitted.

Alternative Names

Alternative industry names for Resin Badges and Domed Labels include: Domed Stickers, Resin Decals, 3D Badges, Gel Labels, Acrylic Badges, Domes, Polydomes, Coated Labels, Flexi Labels, Bubble Badges, Promotional Labels, Domed Emblems, Polyurethane Labels, 3D Labels.


All original copy, photographs or illustrations forwarded  for the purpose of being reproduced by printing.

Artwork Proof

A means of seeking approval from a customer for confirmation of artwork prior to production. Proofs can be sent via post or by using electronic formats such as PDF or JPEG.


File protool which uses large amounts of pixel images.  Usually undesirable for printing because of file size and inability to separate colours for fine line printing.


The part of an image which extends beyond the edge of the cut shape.

Camera Ready Artwork

Submitted artwork which has been prepared within the requirements of DecTek's specifications and meets the requirements of DecTek's print processes and machinery.


Coreldraw – A vector format used for the preparation of artwork.


The four process colours - Abbreviation for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black.

Dies (Not to be confused with Dyes)

Alluminiun or magnesium print blocks which are heated and then used to 'melt' foils onto acetates, plastics, card etc.   Also see Hot-Foiling.

Digital Print Process

Modern print technique employed by DecTek. Includes Ink Jet, Thermal Transfer and Dye Sublimation and negates the need for screens, tooling or dies.  Also known as 'Print & Cut', using single moving planetary cutters which allow for complicated shapes and sizes while keeping down production costs.

Dots Per Inch (DPI)

The measure of resolution of scanners, display devices and output devices. e.g. Scanners, Monitors, Printers etc


Encapsulated Postscript File – An image format (usually vector) used for the preparation of artwork.

Flat Laminate

A cheaper alternative to resin doming achieved by encapsulating the print surface with a thin laminate material that increases the durability of the badge or decal.

'Flexi' Resin 

The resin applied to badges and decals by DecTek in which the properties of the resin provide a flexible nature when handled. This pliant characteristic ensures that the centres will adhere to most shapes and surfaces.


Also known as 'Hot Foil Stamping' or 'Blocking', a traditional print method using alluminium or magnesium dies (see die) to 'melt' foils or vinyls onto substrate materials that include acetate, plastics, card etc. 

DecTek does not employ dies as a method of production.


'Joint Photographic Experts Group' - World-wide computer format used by DecTek to send proofs of artwork to customers prior to production. 

Most software programs are able to read JPEG which provide high definition colour images using a small amount of file space.

Metallic Print

Specialised and highly popular range of resin badges and decals produced by DecTek using modern production methods to attain mirror finish gold & silver print. 

The effect can be achieved by either printing onto gold or silver substrate material or by employing glossy print vinyls which produce a vibrant metallic effect.


Not letting light through i.e. A colour which will not show any other colour/material through it.


The brand name of a colour matching system produced by Pantone (Inc of the USA). A huge range of inks are specified and identified by number to produce standard results across the industry.


'Portable Document Format' - Another world-wide computer format used by DecTek to send proofs of artwork to customers prior to production. 

Small programs can be downloaded free of charge from the internet and provide a high quality colour version for approval by the customer.

'Quick release' Sheet Format

All resin badges and decals are supplied on 'Quick release' sheets, they can be simply lifted off the sheet without having to peel off any tabs.


Red, Green, Blue: the three colours to which the human visual system, digital cameras and computer monitors are sensitive.  A far wider colour gamut than CMYK.

Screen Print

Also known as Silk Screen Printing. It is a method of printing whereby paint is squeezed through porous nylon or polyester screens onto substrate material where screens were originally made of silk. 

Density of pores per inch vary depending on size or complexity of image.


Any surface or material onto which print work is done.


Allowing partial light through i.e. Allowing underlying colours/materials to partially influence the overlaying colour.


Images which have been drawn using lines and curves as opposed to pixels (Bitmaps).



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