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Domed Label Manufacturing Process

A very common question put to our Sales Team is ‘How do you make domed labels?’ well perhaps we can use this opportunity to take you through the manufacturing process starting with the most basic concept of design.

Designing your Domed Labels

Domed Label Design, Thrive Print Rip, at DecTek

Although DecTek has its own fully kitted design studio with very experienced designers, we still need to have a strong idea of what you want if you don`t have digital artwork to send us, you may want to consider the size and layout of your logo plus inclusion of your telephone number, website address or any information you deem relevant to include on your domed label. If you do have digital artwork, then we recommend you download our ‘Design Help for Domed Labels & Flat Vinyl Labels’ which provides information for designers and non-designers on how we would like to receive artwork to attain best results. Please note that we will only send you a proof if we deem it necessary or you request it otherwise it could seriously affect lead times waiting for confirmation.

Printing Domed Labels

Alf England Printing Vinyl Sticker at DecTek

Digital ink-jet technology produces superb full colour results at no extra cost using a selection of substrates and adhesives to cover just about any application, use or environment. Using our 9 x wide format machines, we can easily fit small jobs in our print runs or manage jobs which run into the millions, our machines are programmed to print throughout the night and when required, over the weekends to ensure that we maximise the output of the latest in print technology.

Cutting Domed Labels

DecTek employs the use of 6 x plotting machines which can profile cut any shape or size without the need for expensive cutters. After they have been cut, the excess material is torn away to leave the required label sitting on a backing sheet ready for doming. These machines are busy all day long ensuring that our doming department is kept up to date with workflow.

Vinyl Label Printing, Bespoke Shapes at DecTek
Alf England Printed Vinyl Sticker at DecTek

Liquid Polyurethane Doming

DecTek uses up to 2 tonnes of polyurethane resin a month to produce its Domed Labels and is one of the biggest users in Europe according to the manufacturers, these quantities feed four 20 x nozzle dispensing machines to provide a huge production capacity. The labels are laid onto trays which are stored in curing cabinets after doming and allowed to cure naturally to prevent shrinkage and air bubbles.

Resin Doming Room at DecTek
Multiple Nozzle Resin Application at DecTek

Resin Curing

Resin Drying and Curing on Stickers at DecTek

As the resin applied in liquid form, it requires approximately 24 hours before the labels can be handled for packing, this will prevent the domed labels from sticking to any sheets laid on top of them and allow them to be packed properly. The resins are kept and applied in temperature and moisture controlled areas to ensure there are no issues when applied or during the initial curing process, resins can take up to 7 days to fully cure but are suitable for handling and application. All domed labels are supplied in sheet format and cannot be supplied in roll form.

Quality Control in Pick and Pack at DecTek

Quality Control

When the labels are suitably cured for handling, they are checked for quality and cut into sheets which are best suited for packaging, please note that is no set size for domed labels sheets as they are all differ in shape and size although we can in most cases cater for bespoke requests.

Despatch and Delivery

Domed Labels packed for Despatch from DecTek

DecTek offers several levels of next day delivery through its nominated carriers ranging from next day, pre-12.00pm and pre 9.30pm in addition to 1 & 2 day delivery to Northern Ireland, 2 Day Southern Ireland, 2 day to Scottish Highlands, Scottish Islands and the Channel Islands. We can also deliver using our international services to most parts of the world but we cannot be held responsible in the cases of loss or misrouting although we will of course liaise with our forwarders to rectify any problems. We will in most cases opt for a tracked courier service by default for obvious reasons but can despatch using Royal Mail for certain sizes/weights of orders if instructed.

Lead Times

Altogether, there are some 14 processes attached to the manufacture and administration of a domed label order which is why it normally takes 5-7 days to despatch, quicker times can be attached in consultation with our Sales Team depending on the nature of the order.

Free Sampling

DecTek remains the only company to offer free sampling prior to the placement of an order although it would be nice to think we will get an order that will justify setting the job up twice! This offer is conducted on trust alone with no catches and proves hugely popular across our customer base, there is no requirement to place an order if you are not satisfied for any reason.

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