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Product branding quite literally moves into a new dimension with our wide range of full colour polyurethane resin domed labels, domed badges, domed stickers and domed name badges.

Domed Label Colour Square by DecTek

Choose from a variety of domed labelling options to provide the ultimate in high class/low cost branding:

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  • Resin Domed Labels and
    Resin Domed Badges/Stickers
  • Metallic Effect
  • 3D Resin Scripting
  • Domed Name Badges
  • Flat Vinyl Labels (Option)

Why use domed products?

If you care about how your brand is perceived alongside your product, then we suggest you read onů Domed labels & domed badges present many more visually distinguishable and functional characteristics than plain flat labels and un-domed name badges; these qualities help make the products both an aesthetic and a long-term viable branding solution:

Domed Gel Label Branding Product, Ziggo by DecTek
  • Long Lasting
  • Highly visible
  • Any size or shape
  • 3D raised 'gel' effect
  • Aggressive adhesives
  • UV Stable colour fastening
  • Liquid/Detergent/Oil resistant
  • High resolution 4 or 8 colour print

Ordinary flat labels serve their purpose but by their very nature are rather lifeless and unstimulating, more a case of an add-on than an add-to. By applying a super-clear non-yellowing polyurethane doming over the print area, a 3D 'gel' or 'bubble' effect is achieved bringing full life and vibrancy to any logo, brand or design, the perfect way to complement the quality of your product.

Are domed products called by any other name?

Yes! Is the answer to that question. Domed products are called by many names and here's just a few:

Domed Sticker, Starbucks by DecTek
  • Domed Labels
  • Domed Badges
  • Domed Stickers
  • Gel Labels
  • Polydomes
  • 3D Labels
  • Bubble Badges

The list goes onů But don't worry; they're all entirely the same thing. Descriptive names may vary but the essential quality of coating with a polyurethane resin coating doesn't!

Colour Matching Print at DecTek
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How close can we colour match?

Exactly of course! Providing the artwork or instructions are precise, most jobs are printed by using standard four colour process digital print but we always have the option of using enhanced eight colour print technology.

Are there added screen, tooling, cutter costs?

Data Merge - QR Code, Sequential Numbering, Full Colour, by DecTek

No! Is the simple answer, DecTek employs digital technology across its entire product range which enables us to produce high resolution full colour print without adding cost. Using sophisticated software, we can also incorporate:

  • Variable data
  • Sequential numbering
  • Barcoding
  • Multiple image insertion

All this can be achieved by using standard spreadsheet managed data.

Domed Sticker for boiler product, by DecTek

Can we get a pre-production sample of a job?

Here's the good news, DecTek provides free sampling for all domed jobs of a quantity of 100 or more (larger decal jobs may qualify in smaller quantities), if your client is interested, then send us the design and we will send you a free pre-production sample within 3 working days from confirmation of proof of artwork. Don't worry about if your client will order or not, we wouldn't produce them for free if we weren't confident that your client will be impressed (and we don't moan if they decide not to order either)!

What equipment does DecTek use?

DecTek has invested in the very latest digital print and resin application technology in the form of:

  • 8 x Four & Eight colour wide format digital ink-jet machines
  • 2 x Gerber edge digital hot-foiling machines
  • 4 x Twenty nozzle resin application machines
  • 6 x XY axis plotting machines
  • 1 x Wide-format hot-roll laminator
  • 2 x Wide-format cold-roll laminators
  • 672 x Drying shelves

The production line is run by the multi-award winning bespoke order tracking/workflow software system 'DecTrak' which enables DecTek to track orders through every facet of production in order to produce the most consistent delivery times anywhere in the industry.

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