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Our Polyurethane Domed Labels & Flat Vinyl Labels are printed using the very latest print and software technology so there's no reason why your label won't be of the best possible quality when you receive them – assuming we can print from correctly prepared artwork of course.

First Considerations

The first thing to consider is what you will need to include on your labels, namely:

  • Company Logo/Brand
  • Telephone Number
  • Website
  • Accompanying Text
  • Any other Information i.e. sequential numbering, barcodes etc.

All our labels are manufactured using digital wide format print technology which includes the following:

  1. CMYK Ink-Jet
  2. 8 x Colour Ink-Jet
  3. 10 x Colour Ink-Jet
  4. Thermal Transfer

Print can be achieved through standard ink-jet 720dpi resolution or 1440 when required which means that only the sharpest print will be outputted provide the artwork preparation is correct. If you are supplying digital artwork, here's some hints as to how to get the best results with your design:

Acceptable Formats for Logos








Careful consideration should also be given to the following requirements:

  1. Convert all RGB colours to CMYK
  2. All layers should be flattened
  3. All transparencies to be flattened
  4. All fonts need to be converted to ‘outlines’
  5. Bitmap images converted to CMYK
  6. Vector images are always preferable as they are not resolution dependant
  7. Show outline at exact size with at least 2mm radii corners if possible
  8. Keep important design elements at least 3mm from the label edge to allow for the curve of the resin dome.
  9. Ensure all design elements are scalable

We would advise that all font generated text be vectorised (converted to outlines) to ensure sharp reproduction (especially for smaller fonts) as opposed to bitmaps, although we can still get highly satisfactory results provided that the resolution is at least 600dpi.

Variable Data Insertion

Any need for variable data insertion can be easily catered for as long as we receive the data within a spreadsheet, please speak to our Sales Team for details. This also covers any requirement for variable images.

Sequential Numbering

For any sequence of consecutive or sequential numbering, it would be advisable to include the data in the appropriate cell but we as long as you provide the range of numbers, we can do this for you. Please also consider the format of the numbering you require as the following shows:

  • 1
  • 01
  • 001
  • 0001

Barcoding & 2D Barcodes

Barcodes come into two specific areas – non-variable data and variable data – depending on what your needs are, our requirements will be totally different, contact us for a preliminary before deliberating over the type of data/artwork needed.

To Sum It All Up

The ultimate quality of your Domed Label/Badge/Sticker/Decal will reflect on the quality of the artwork and data provided but not everyone is a qualified graphic designer or spreadsheet expert, when all else fails, we have always managed to come up with a compromise to give the best possible results. Don't be afraid to give us a call to discuss your requirements, our expert staff are well versed in providing help and solutions for the most demanding of situations!

Important: As CMYK/8 x colour/10 x colour print does not provide a complete full colour gamut, any colours which are required to match exactly will need to be supplied as a Pantone reference. Without these considerations, we cannot guarantee the best results that our print technology can produce, please feel free to consult our Sales Team for more advice.

Please note that we use the following Adobe & CorelDraw colour profile settings:

  • RGB Profile : Adobe RGB (1998)
  • CMYK Profile : Euroscale Coated V2

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