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Metallic Effect Domed Labels

Domed Metallic Vinyl Labels

Domed Metallic Vinyl Labels remain a highly specialised service for DecTek and places us as one of the leading exponents of this method of manufacturing in the industry. Stunning effects are attained by utilising a wide range of metallic content vinyls which are printed using either 4 & 8 colour digital process print or Digital Thermal Transfer which can incorporate opaque foils.

The 'classy' domed metallic vinyl labels produced, would do justice to a product of any worth and you can select from a variety of options:

Metallic Silver Domed Label, Autochair by DecTek
  • Selection of Matt/Mirror materials
  • 1440 x 1440 dpi Digital Ink-Jet Resolution
  • Opaque foils using Digital Thermal Transfer
  • Choice of different substrate colour metallic materials
  • Add: Variable data, sequential numbering, barcoding etc.

As with all of DecTek's printing techniques, any Domed Metallic Vinyl Label shape or size can be produced without having to employ expensive cutters or tooling making it a very cost effective method of producing resin domed labels, domed badges, domed stickers or domed decals to match metallic substrate surfaces.

Astral Silver Domed Metallic Vinyl Labels

Metallic Silver Domed Sticker, KBR by DecTek

Astral Silver Domed Metallic Vinyl Labels, Badges, Labels & Stickers are produced using a matt silver type finish which can be printed using our high-end ink-jet printers. This means that we can attain accurate colour registration utilising four or eight colour process digital print.

The results can be quite dramatic and offer a popular alternative to our domed mirror silver label range of products.

Mirror Silver Domed Metallic Vinyl Labels

Black and Metallic Silver Domed Label, evolution by DecTek

The ever popular classic Mirror Silver Domed Metallic Vinyl Label range is a firm favourite for many industries and creates the look and feel of a high quality product that does full justice to both your product and your brand. Different effects can be achieved by choosing from striking hi-gloss opaque foils or full colour digital print - guaranteeing eye-catching results.

Mirror Gold Domed Metallic Vinyl Labels

Black and Metallic Gold Domed Sticker by DecTek

The Metallic Gold effect is about as classy as it gets and is achieved by using premium quality bright gold foils. Elegant and highly visual, domed labels & badges manufactured by this method portray a high perceived sense of value to the onlooker.

Popular users of Domed Metallic Vinyl Labels include:

  • Automotive
  • POS
  • Vending
  • Electronic
  • Refrigeration
  • Computer

Multi-Colour Printing onto Metallic Vinyls

Depending on the type of metallic effect required, we can achieve multi-colour printing by engaging one of two methods:

Option A Digital Inkjet

  • 8 x Colour Inkjet - Epson UltraChrome GS600

Colours: Cyan / Magenta / Yellow / Black

The CMYK colour gamut is used for the majority of jobs and produces great results from vector-based artworks or high-resolution bitmaps.

  • 8 x Colour Inkjet - Epson UltraChrome GS600

Colours: Cyan / Magenta / Yellow / Black / Super Cyan / Super Magenta / Green / Orange


  1. Huge print colour gamut
  2. Very high print resolution
  3. No colour registration issues
  4. Large choice of materials
  5. Large choice of adhesives
  6. Can produce from Vector or Bitmap based artwork

Option B Thermal Transfer

  • Gerber Edge Digital

Colours: Stock colours can be mixed using Spectrotone Colour Matching.

Print Resolution: 600dpi

Digital Thermal Transfer is a print process whereby a foil is fused to a substrate vinyl by way of heat, the opaque nature of the foils makes them especially popular with clear and metallic vinyls.


  1. Opaque colours
  2. Large range of specialist materials
  3. Mirror finish metallic foils
  4. Ideal for clear vinyls
  5. Longer UV protection
  6. Harder wearing print surface

Metallic Silver on Clear Vinyl Print

Printing on to clear vinyls provides a far more cost effective option to achieve the 'floating' text or image effect than Domed Resin Scripting.

By using this method, letters or images appear to float on the colour of the object being attached to as it appears through the clear vinyl.

Metallic Silver and Red Domed Label, Metric by DecTek Metallic Gold and Silver Domed Stickers, Brains by DecTek

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