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Name Badge Artwork Instructions

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The most important thing to remember is that whatever the quality of you artwork or data, we have the expertise to help you so don't worry about not being able to satisfy all our requests, treat this document as a best practice guide. If you're getting lost with any terms or explanations, please ask for further help, we haven't been beaten yet.

Kicking Off

Ok, let's start with the basics.

To enable us to get the best possible results for your name badges, we will need you to supply as near to our instructions as possible which in turn will not only guarantee first rate quality, but also delivery dates!

Maybe stopping for a few seconds to consider why you need your name badges in the first instance will help you decide what needs to be included in the design, here's a few suggestions:

  • Logo/Brand
  • First Name
  • Surname
  • Title/Position
  • Department

Variable Data

If you require varying names, titles etc. (variable data), then we will need you to supply all the data in a spreadsheet. Why? Good question, there are three main reasons:

  1. All printable variable data is extracted from the spreadsheet into software print templates which means that whatever is contained in the spreadsheet will print. The obvious advantage of utilising this very sophisticated method of data importation is that your order will always be correct!
  2. When data is supplied in emails or documents, we cannot guarantee that the data will be correct when we set it up in a spreadsheet as many programmes attach various forms of formatting to text.
  3. If we take your unprepared data and print it incorrectly, then it becomes our error and besides the economic considerations of re-printing – missing a deadline won't do anybody any good.

Data Preparation

Compiling variable into a spreadsheet may not be as daunting as you think, here's some examples of some more simple requirements:

Fig 1.

Name Badge Data Preperation - Correct

Fig 2.

Name Badge Data Preperation - Incorrect

Figure 1 shows the correct way to prepare the data i.e. First and surnames have been included in one cell with correct spaces before, separating and after words. If you need to include varying country flags, please name the image using the correct country name not the name of the spoken language as many countries have several different languages.

Figure 2 shows how to incorrectly prepare the data i.e. the first and surnames have been split, extra spaces are present between words and the language – not the correct flag title has been used. Also notice that the cells contain all capital letters, this may be required but is normally considered as ‘shouting' in graphic design circles, normal practice would considered to be a capital letter followed by lower case.

In Summary:

  • First names and surnames are to be placed together in the same cell
  • Do not split words into separate cells if they are to be read in the same line on the actual badge
  • Check for spaces surrounding data
  • Use actual country names for flag images not spoken language names

Other Text Issues

Obviously, some names, titles etc. are going to be much longer than others and you may have to decide if you want all the information to be printed at the same font size or allow us to set a font size (we can do this at the proofing stage) and reduce the font size for the longer text strings.

Fig. 3/4

Name Badge Artwork Preperation Name Length

You can see from figure 3 that the name ‘Sarah' is correctly sized and neatly sized between chief components of the design whereas in figure 4, ‘Constantina' is far too big and runs across the whole badge and across part of the design.


It's all very well coming up with an award winning artwork consisting of the most exotic fonts but if we can't get our hands on the font – we can't print it! We may request that you send us the required font if we haven't got it amongst our library of 60,000, better still, use a more common font which is easily read. Unfortunately, we are unable to ‘kern' (alter the space between letters) as part of the data merge.

Another consideration would be fonts that support foreign language vagaries such as glyphs and umlauts check that that the font you require will support the names and words used from the country/language you are using.

In Summary

  • Consider the length of your data to be printed on a given line
  • Consider the size of the font
  • Consider the type of font (we will happily suggest suitable fonts for you)
  • Ensure that the font you may have chosen supports the language you have taken your text from

Don't worry about the size or the font type you use within the spreadsheet, this is not important at all.


The world of graphic design is filled with words that mean nothing to most people so don't fret if some of this seems like mumbo jumbo, designers will understand but they will be in the minority, we'll start with correct parlance and then deal with any issues.

Digital designs can be accepted in the following formats:








Embedded images such as JPEG'S, TIFF'S, GIF'S, PNG'S need to be at least 600dpi at 1:1 size to ensure top quality reproduction. Any text that is being treated as part of the general design and not as part of the variable data will need to be converted from text into curves (Adobe) or lines (CorelDraw). Please do not include crop marks, printer's marks or any extraneous information with artwork.

Important: Please do not prepare completed artworks in multi-page PDF format 91 x name per page) as we cannot use them, we will import data into our own templates for print.


Fig. 5

Name Badge Artwork Requiremets Bleed and Cutline
The ‘Bleed' refers to the any part of the design which will touch the very edge of the printed area, please extend any such part of the design to 1mm (shown in green) over the cutline (shown in pink) as shown in figure 5. Cutlines can be forwarded on request.

Text Length

From figure 6 shown below, we can see that the text length is too long on both lines which gives us two reasons for making it shorter. Apart from looking crowded, the text extends past where the resin dome curves down to the edge of the badge which can slightly blur the end of the text. Best practice means that any sensitive information should be kept at least 3m away from the edge of the print area.

Fig. 6

Name Badge Artwork Preperation Text Length

Having Trouble Making Sense of All This?

If much of this makes no sense, don't worry, send us what you do have and we'll advise from there, we appreciate that most people do not have access to design software and feel that they would like to have help on the design aspect. It always helps to ask around the office with regards to what formats of your logo you may have – remember this, if you have a poor quality version of your logo, somebody somewhere designed it and it usually takes just a little bit of detective work to figure out who that someone is.

Tip: If you have business cards, brochures, letterheads or a website, the chances are that one of the companies you deal with has a good quality version of your logo, they will normally be only too pleased to forward it to you.

If all else fails, send us a business card or letterhead and we'll get our designers to have a look, we can reproduce almost anything but always prefer to have the original digital files to match colours etc.

Things to Look for

We want to give you the best possible reproduction on a top quality product which will show your organisation in the best possible light, hence some of the requirements we have stated. Here's some common errors when we are supplied with artwork and data:

  • Poor resolution artwork
  • Font size too small to be read
  • Names too long for allotted text space
  • Other text strings too long for allotted space
  • Design too cluttered
  • Low resolution bitmaps
  • Christian and surnames split into two different cells
  • Spaces between words within data cells which are not required (these will affect how the text will be positioned).

Further Available Options

Further to having your own logo, design and variable text, there are several other features you can include in your name badge, namely:

  • Photographs
  • Sequential Numbering
  • Barcoding
  • 2D Barcodes


Again, for best results, photographs should be supplied in at least 600dpi and cropped to the correct orientation, we would further require them to be labelled with a recognisable system which can be fed into the spreadsheet in the same row as the relevant person's name as shown in figures 7 & 8.

Fig. 7

Name Badge Photograph Preperation - Correct

Fig. 8

Name Badge Photograph Preperation - Incorrect

Sequential Numbering

For any sequence of consecutive or sequential numbering, it would be advisable to include the data in the appropriate cell but we as long as you provide the range of numbers, we can do this for you. Please also consider the format of the numbering you require as the following shows:

  • 1
  • 01
  • 001
  • 0001

Barcoding & 2D Barcodes

Barcodes come into two specific areas – non-variable data and variable data – depending on what your needs are, our requirements will be totally different, contact us for a preliminary discussion before deliberating over the type of data/artwork needed.

To Sum It All Up

The ultimate quality of your name badge will reflect on the quality of the artwork and data provided but not everyone is a qualified graphic designer or spreadsheet expert, when all else fails, we have always managed to come up with a compromise to give the best possible results. Don't be afraid to give us a call to discuss your requirements, our expert staff are well versed in providing help and solutions for the most demanding of situations!

  • RGB Profile : Adobe RGB (1998)
  • CMYK Profile : Euroscale Coated V2

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