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Name Badges (Why Use Them?)

Name Badge at a work meeting by DecTek

Apart from some obvious answers; namely that personalised branded staff name badges enable your staff to stand out from the crowd and confirm their position and role within your organisation, surely there must be more psychological reasons why staff name badges play such an important role in business?

Name Badges – Getting it right first time!

Social experiments have long confirmed that uniforms and embellishments (including name badges) have an influence in human contact situations and it is well to consider the old maxim,

“You only get one chance to make a first impression!”

Initial contact could influence in a manner which can be very difficult to reverse; so it's important to get it right first time.

Trust or Trimmings?

Name badges not only help exude a sense of authority and knowledge but they can also help to attract:

  • Confidence
  • Respect
  • Trust

when worn by a competent person or team. When any customer or member of the public approaches a member of your staff, the first few seconds are vital in terms of fostering an atmosphere of mutual beneficial accomplishment.

Name Badge for Hospital Doctors and Nurses by DecTek

Company values, ideals, principles and success...

Successful organisations are normally guided by highly driven, professionally minded, ambitious individuals or groups who strive to develop these characteristics over a wider circle of employees. This dissemination of company values, ideals and principles are an integral part of success, and forging a spirit of teamwork and belonging plays a big part in the bigger picture.

What do staff name badges mean to your staff?

Name badges serve as a constant reminder to the wearer, of their affiliation and obligations during their undertaking of their duties and can help promote self-worth, pride and promote understanding of brand values. A personalised branded staff name badge can in no way make up for a disinterested, unmotivated or underperforming employee but it can provide the 'icing on the cake' given that all the other pieces of the jigsaw have been put in place.

Can it be just a coincidence that nearly all the major brands and companies who deal with their customers on a face to face basis use name badges as part of their customer care policy?

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Name badges - Are there different types?

Yep, they come in different guises depending on how or where they are to be used including Staff, Conferences, Security, Exhibition, Promotional etc. It's a case of 'horses for courses' and they can be manufactured in a variety of ways depending on the technology employed by the company supplying them. They can be supplied using:

  • Printed card with polypropylene pockets & lanyards
  • Engraving
  • Screen-printing
  • Hot-foiling
  • Dye sublimation
  • Stamping
  • Digitally printed with domed resin coating

What type of name badges does DecTek manufacture?

Name Badge for Air Hostess by DecTek

Glad you asked! DecTek Domed Staff Badge produces premium quality digitally printed domed name badges which means they are printed using hi-tec digital ink-jet technology for high resolution full colour and then coated with polyurethane resin, there are many advantages by manufacturing this way.

  • Digital print - Our wide format ink-jet printers can achieve a resolution of up to 1440 x 1440dpi which allows actual photographs to be included, such is the quality. You can use as many colours as you like without incurring extra charges for screens, tooling or cutters. Using one print pass, we can can include the following on any name badge:
    1. Full colour print
    2. Multiple fields of variable text
    3. Photo insertion
    4. Sequential numbering
    5. Barcoding
  • Domed Resin Coating - The polyurethane resin coating not only protects the print area, it also provides a highly attractive 3D finish which helps to highlight the printed information. The coating is Scratch-proof, Shatter-proof, UV Stable and Water-resistant.
  • Digital Thermal Print - Dectek also employs the use of this form of print for producing metallic vinyl finishes and metallic print.

Are DecTek name badges any better?

Now what would you expect us to say in answer to that question? The reason why we produce our products using the latest hi-tec techology is because it produces probably the best quality domed name badge available anywhere in the market-place, in a time-scale which our customers rely on.

Our core domed label/badge/decal product business has centred around supplying some of the biggest brand names in the world which include:

Our branding range of domed labels and domed badges are scrutinised through various levels of quality control before they are accepted by companies who literally spend millions on their branding and image. Our domed name badge for work range of products are produced using exactly the same production methods, quality standards, adminstration protocols and lead times.

Name Badge Ranges

DecTek offers a wide range of Domed Name Badge Solutions:

Cadre Domed Name Badge

3 Sizes Available

with Variable Names/
Job Titles etc

Just a logo
Classic Black/ White Domed Name Badge

3 Sizes Available
Black or White
with Variable Names/
Job Titles etc

Just a logo
Classic Oval Domed Name Badge

with Variable Names/
Job Titles etc

Just a logo
Reusable Window Domed Name Badge

4 Colours Available:
Black, White,
Brushed Gold/Silver
with a Domed decal
without a Domed decal


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