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Reusable Window Name Badges

Reusable Window Domed Name Badge - WDB12-BG Fairmont Resorts by DecTek

The WizzBadge™ Range

Our WizzBadge™ range of Reusable Window Name Badges are ideal for catering for new staff members without having to invest in new badges. When we send you your order, we will also email you a simply Word Document template file which allows you to type in the new names and then simply cut around the outline and insert the printed slip into the window - it's that simple!

Simple Name Insertion

Our 2-part ergonomically designed WizzBadge™ Window Name Badge means that you can slide the two parts apart, slip in the printed paper name label, slide back together – and that's it! Easy, secure and endlessly repeatable, we think this is the best designed window badge available and because we supply the template in a Microsoft Word template, you can even change all the background colours, font colours, fonts & font sizes depending on your own personal preferences.

You offer a FREE sampling service?

Yep, that's right, providing you express an interest in ordering at least a quantity of 10 subject to receiving the sample, we are happy to offer this unique service. There aren't any catches, we totally rely on your honesty and the quality of our sample Reusable Window Badge.

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Choice of finishes

Choose from a selection of 4 stylish colour finishes:

White Finish
WDB12-W 71mm x 35mm
Domed Name Badge Reusable - Wizzbadge WDB12-W Nearly There Nursery by DecTek

Window Size: 62mm x 12.5mm

See WDB12-W (White Badge)

Black Finish
WDB12-B 71mm x 35mm
Window Domed Name Badge - WDB12-B Active Tools Wizzbadge by DecTek

Window Size: 62mm x 12.5mm

See WDB12-B (Black Badge)

Brushed Gold Finish
WDB12-BG 71mm x 35mm
Reusable Domed Window Name Badge - WDB12-BG Wizzbadge - Gorilla by DecTek

Window Size: 62mm x 12.5mm

See WDB12-BG (Brushed Gold Badge)

Brushed Silver Finish
WDB12-BG 71mm x 35mm
Wizzbadge Reusable Domed Name Badge - WDB12-BS - Flogas by DecTek

Window Size: 62mm x 12.5mm

See WDB12-BS (Brushed Silver Badge)

All reusable window badges are available with the following fixings:

Domed Name Badge Fixings from DecTek

All five fixing types are available to be used with any of DecTek's range of Domed Name Badges, please ask our Sales Team for more details.

  • Moulded Pin Fixing - Ideal for attaching and detaching on all types of fabrics.
  • Combi Fixing - Combination of crocodile clip - ideal for quick placement without using a pin, plus the option of a standard pin fixing.
  • Rotating Combi Fixing - Combination of rotating crocodile clip so you can clip to almost any type of clothing arrangement.
  • Twin Magnet Fixing - Heavy duty twin magnet suitable for firm attachment with no damage to fabrics or textiles.
  • 30” or 36” Chain – Two choices of chain length which fixes to a clip on the name badge so you can hang around your neck.

All fixings are attached to the carrier using heavy grade adhesive which can guarantee a long working life.

Attention: The industry recommends magnets are worn at least 6” away from a pacemaker but we would recommend that they are not worn at all by people with pacemakers as a precaution. It has never been proven but they may affect battery life and interfere with the pre-set beats per minute of the pacemaker. A combi clip or standard pin would be recommended.

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Ideal for staff turnover

In commercial situations where high turnover of staff situation exists, it can become very costly to keep replacing name badges as staff members leave and new ones are employed. Reusable window name badges not only supply a cost effective solution but also an instantaneous one using standard desk-top printers.

Full Colour Domed Logo

All badges can be personalised with a high quality full colour domed logo which fits between the window and the top of the badges. The badges are suitable for all types of situations and include:

  • Retail
  • Restaurants/Bars/Clubs/Pubs
  • Hairdressers
  • Transport
  • Hotels
  • Conferences
  • Events
  • Care Homes

In fact, reusable window badges are suitable and safe to use in almost any environment!

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