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Call them what you may; Roller Banners, Roll-Up Banners or simply Banner Stands, whatever your choice of vocabulary, they simply remain the most cost-effective wide format graphic solution on the market today, providing low maintenance, high impacting graphic solutions without breaking the bank.

Grasshopper Roller Banners - Fresh Indulgence x10 at DecTek

What questions should I ask myself before buying?

If you are confident that a roller banner will fulfil your needs then perhaps itís time to start considering what model fits your budget and whether or not that budget will cover your exact requirements. Here are a few things to mull over before browsing through our extensive range of roller banners:

  • How often will it be used?
  • How long to you want it to last?
  • Will you need to change the graphic?
  • Will it be stored carefully when not used?
  • Will it be subjected to strong draughts i.e. by a door or window?
  • Will the print surface be subjected to water or liquids?
  • How much of a consideration is the budget?

By answering some or all of these questions, you are well on the way to deciding what is right for you.

Take a look at the Options & Features tab which accompanies every DecTek product, this will inform you of the following:

  1. What you will get as a standard and is therefore included in the price shown
  2. What is available as an added option
  3. Whether this option is priced as extra

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DecTek offers 15 different models which are available in a variety of sizes:

Single Graphic Models

Budget Range:
Great for limited useage and limited budgets but still has the same quality of digital CMYK print that DecTek's products benefit from. Sizes range from 800mm up to 1500mm widths with the graphics being stabilised by two secure twist-out feet, great value for money especially if they are looked after. All models are provided with transport box and carry bag.

This range of roller banners starts to introduce some of the extras you would expect from a higher budget model including: front loaded graphics, adjustable feet, universal graphic rails, telescopic poles and ratchet graphic tensioners. All the models in the mid-range bracket carry a 5 year hardware guarantee. All models are provided with transport box and padded carry bag.

Premium Range:
Just as you might expect, the Premium Range of roller banners provides high-end models which are built for a hard life on the road with quality components which carry lifetime guarantees. Impressive to look at, well balanced, features by the bucketload as standard: all aimed at providing the best that money can buy! All models are provided with transport box and padded carry bag.

Twin Graphic Models

Twin Graphic Range:
If you're looking for back & front exposure but not at twice the cost then look no further. Our twin graphic range provides our standard premium quality CMYK printed graphics housed in wide profiled units which provide both good looks and stability. All models are provided with transport box and padded carry bag.

Interchangeable Cassette Models

Cassette Range:
A great way of saving time, money and stress. Our interchangeable Roller Banners are designed to take a pre-loaded graphic cassette which can be easily changed in seconds saving the need to buy two models when only one graphic is used at time. All models are provided with transport box and padded carry bag.

Desktop Models

Desktop Range:
A very practical and professional way to provide for table-top presentation. Our Desk-Top Roller banners ships with a full colour A4 or A5 graphic which pulls out of the metal base unit to retract safely and securely when not in use.

Is it worth paying more rather than less?

The quality and price can vary with entry-level solutions starting at the best-selling - low cost, Grasshopper roller banner which is specifically designed for limited usage but even at this price break, they can be used over and over again if the graphic is opened and reloaded carefully. Mid and premium range roller banners provide added functionality and features which are designed to facilitate ease of use in addition to prolonging life during constant and protracted use.

What's included in the price?

All of DecTek's roller banners are printed using light block, lay flat films but graphics will start to curl naturally on some of the wider models, unfortunately this is unavoidable. Graphics are reproduced using digital CMYK digital print ensuring that the print is always nothing less than top quality for high visual impact. To help you decide whether or not they are suitable for your project, take a look at what you get in terms of features, options and functionality:

Orient 2 Roller Banner in Padded Carry Bag from DecTek

Roller Banner in Padded Carry Bag
(Design may vary)

  • CMYK colour print
  • Light block-out films
  • Optional overlaminated graphics for total scratch-proof protection
  • Prices range from budget to premium quality
  • Freestanding with support pole
  • Can be continuously reused
  • Up to approximately 2m high x 1.5m wide
  • Choice of single/twin graphic roller banners
  • Interchangeable cassette models available
  • Easy to transport in carry bag & transport box

With or Without Graphic Lamination?

This really depends on the job you have in mind for your roller banner, if you're going to leave your banner up for long periods then probably not but if you intend to use it regularly then we would advise that you do.

Care & Attention for Prolonged Use

To ensure that you get the most out of your roller banner there are basic steps that can be taken:

  • Always pull the graphic out of the casing gently while ensuring that the edges are kept away from the sides of the case, in other words, pull the graphic evenly on both side to stop it wearing.
  • Take care when fitting the plastic clip onto the pole.
  • When reloading the graphic in to the casing, release tension slowly and easily, making sure that the graphic retracts into the casing squarely.
  • Keep away from moisture where possible.

Lead Times

Standard 3-5 day despatch lead time but please speak to our Sales Team if you need delivery any sooner.

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