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Social Distancing Floor Stickers and Graphics - Queue

A global pandemic is a once in a lifetime event and the arrival of Coronavirus has shocked and surprised us all. The lockdown period has required us to make sacrifices and we have had to adjust to new disciplines in the way we go about our everyday lives. The new ritual of queuing to buy provisions and doing the ‘Covid Dance’ in the supermarket aisles have become the new normal.

As the UK lockdown is lifted it is clear that social distancing is going to become a feature of our lives for the foreseeable future. Maintaining this discipline will avoid a second peak and prevent us sliding back to where this all started in March and save lives.

It is clear that social distancing is an effective weapon against Covid 19, however, as the lockdown is lifted and people try to return to normality, can it be observed?

Businesses have their part to play in ensuring they facilitate social distancing when customers and colleagues return post lockdown. Developing strategies to ensure everyone is kept at the recommended distance will be vital. A key ingredient will be a high level of self-discipline aided by highly visual ‘reminders’ to ensure their customers and colleagues comply.

As we all adapt to this new normality there is a risk that as a society we will lapse into our previous behaviour patterns and jeopardise the progress made during the lockdown.

Highly visual graphic reminders will be essential to keep social distancing at the forefront of the collective psyche. Dectek manufacture a full range of Covid 19 social distancing health and safety signage that can be customised to your business.

Social Distancing Signs

Can be manufactured to convey your unique message. Personalised to your business we can also add your logo, messages of support to our key workers and any other relevant information. Create your signs in different shapes to keep the message fresh and eye-catching.

We have three standard grades of signs:


3mm Fluted Correx display board Signs is a good economic choice. Exceptional print quality combined with a low cost makes these a good choice for limited lifespan signage. Can also be shaped to wrap around bollards and pillars to turn wasted space into useful space.

Foamex or Foam Board Signs are a great choice for a more durable sign. Prints beautifully and can be cut to shape to create exceptional signs. Large 2440 x 1220mm size or combine sheets together to form jumbo signs.

Dibond Signs – Robust aluminium faced signs. Perfect for internal and external use. A great choice for longevity. Large 2440 x 1220mm size or combine sheets together to form jumbo signs.

Social Distancing Signs & Posters
Social Distancing Sign Poster - Green
Social Distancing Sign Poster - Yellow
Social Distancing Sign Poster - Respect Social Distancing
Social Distancing Sign Poster - Stay Safe
Social Distancing Sign Poster - One Way System
Social Distancing Sign Poster - Open For Business
Social Distancing Sign Poster - 2m 6ft
Social Distancing Sign Poster - Coronavirus COVID-19

Social Distancing Floor Graphics & Stickers

Managing your customers and keeping them socially separate is going to be a challenge. However, floor graphics are a powerful way of visually marking out the two metre spaces required for effective social distancing. Floor graphics can be produced for short or long term applications and include slip resistant coatings. Our Covid floor graphics can be produced in any shape again providing opportunities to promote both your brand and the need to maintain a two metre distance.

Social Distancing Floor Stickers & Graphics - 2m Footprints
Social Distancing Floor Stickers & Graphics - 2m 6ft People

DecTek Floor Stickers are manufactured with a super high tack adhesive with additional textured floor overlaminate which is hard wearing and ideal for high traffic areas.

The 100 micron matt embossed protective film gives a durable protection to graphics, with easy to clean finish. Dectek Floor Guard has an anti-slip finish tested in accordance with BS 7676-2:2002 certification (Slider 96) and UK Slip Resistance Guidelines.


Social Distancing Footprint Floor Stickers

Another great way of reminding people to stand at an appropriate distance from each other. Produced in pairs to mimic human feet these are a fun and highly visible social distance aide memoire.

Social Distancing Window Graphics

Windows make great ‘billboards’ for messages and our window graphics can be produced to hammer home the social distancing message. Highly visible these can be designed to combine marketing and Covid 19 messages that attract and educate your customers. Dectek can provide window stickers in a range of materials all of which are simple to apply without special equipment.

Social Distancing 2m Window Stickers

Social Distancing Badges

‘I’m Socially Distancing’ badges can be worn by all your colleagues to remind them and customers to observe the two metre spacing requirements. Low cost, highly effective and simple to use permanent reminders.

Manufactured in 1.2mm polypropylene and printed in no compromise full colour. Can be produced to your own shape and size specification.


Social Distancing Badges - Keep 2m Distance

Social Distancing Acrylic Sneeze Guards

Protecting your customer facing team from potential infection will be an important aspect of your companies duty of care. An acrylic screen can assist in reducing the exposure to the virus. Freestanding, portable and can also be printed with a reassuring message or your company logo.

The Dectek team are ready to guide you through our full range of Covid signage and product lines.

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