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I’ve never heard of DecTek, what would convince me that you have the experience to cater to the trophy industry?

DecTek’s staff comprise of many production experts including those who have worked within the trophy industry for over 30 years.  They have vast experiences of both retail and wholesale trophy distribution and whatever the problem is, there will always be someone at hand who will be available to discuss it with you and offer advice. 


I already have all my dies with another supplier, I don’t want to have to ask for them back or have to pay for them again, how can I get around this?

The answer to this question is very simple.  Because of the technology employed by DecTek, we have no use for the dies, so all you have to do is supply us with a sample of the actual centre and we will convert it over to our production formats completely free of charge! 

Most of our new customers collect as many samples of the special centres as they can and send them off to us in one go. This way, they can be called off when they are needed.


All centre manufacturers claim that their lead times are quick but this is certainly not the case during the busy season, what makes DecTek any different?

The obvious reason why centre manufacturers extend their lead times during the busy season is because of the sheer volume of work.  We have completed a capital investment programme which has seen our phase 2 installation of sophisticated state-of-the-art machinery increasing our production capacity to some 170,000 centres per day, put this alongside our DecTrak system and you have the most advanced centre making facility in Europe!


I’m not a huge user of centres so does this mean that I won’t get the level of service that some of your bigger customers get?

Yes, you most definitely will!  Once you have been entered into our production schedule, we are bound by our production protocols and procedures which means that we have to abide by our completion dates regardless of the size of your account. 

If you have an email address, our DecTrak order tracking system will automatically generate emails to confirm receipt of an order and also can give details of despatch dates, level of service i.e. express, standard etc plus carrier company, service etc. The online facility will even let you search information on any logged orders whether they have been despatched or are pending, you can do this by our designated order number, description or range of dates. All in all giving you a ’total piece of mind’.


DecTrak sounds great but I don’t have internet access, what good is it to me?

Don’t worry, DecTrak is linked to our sophisticated production control system which tells us at what stage of production your order is.  Simply give us a call and we’ll be able to check the system and give you all the information you need.


Sounds good but during the busy season I can’t even get hold of my supplier!

Mmmm... Sounds more like a gripe than a question but don’t worry, DecTek has 4 dedicated telephone lines to deal with queries and if you need specific information on any subject, a member of the Management Team will always be available to speak to you.


Several centre manufacturers have sadly ceased to trade over the last year or two, are you sticking around?

Errr... we hope to.  DecTek doesn’t rely solely on the trophy industry to supply its turnover, centres are but a part of its operation. However, over the coming years we will be seeking to strengthen our ties with the trophy trade.


You need a GCSE in logic to understand some price lists, is yours any different?

It most certainly is.  We don’t differentiate between single colour, full colour, metallics or anything else for that matter. Read the box price, that’s how much they are!


You don’t seem to run as many sizes as some manufacturers, does this mean you are unable to do them?

Nope. The reason we don’t publish as many sizes is simple, we just need to press a button to change a size. We can literally produce any size or shape you want without the added expense of new dies, tooling or screens. It’s really that easy.


Is it possible to save my carriage costs by sending as many different orders together?

Yes it is.  Our despatch system is linked into our production control system and it lets us know which orders we can send together assuming that you’ve let us know which ones you are screaming for!

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