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Trophy Centre Glossary

Apex '48hr' Service - Peak Season

DecTek's industry leading premium express service. For an excess charge of £20 during the peak season, new orders are guaranteed to be despatched within 2 days on receipt of artwork. 

Artwork Proof

A means of seeking approval from a customer for confirmation of artwork prior to production.  Proofs can be sent via post or by using electronic formats such as PDF and JPEG.

Acrylic Centres

Historical term used to describe Polyurethane resin domed centres.


File protocol which uses large amounts of pixel images.  Usually undesirable for printing because of file size and inability to separate colours for fine line printing.

Centres (Generic)

Generic term applied to all centres used throughout the trophy trade regardless of whether they have been manufactured in Polydomes, Laminates, Metallics, Metal or any other material.

DecTrak System

System developed by DecTek to enable the tracking of orders via the company's website.  Automatic emails are generated to the customer on receipt and despatch of orders. In the meantime, customers have access to information such as date, quantity, reason for order on hold (e.g. awaiting artwork/sample), service type (e.g express, Carrier Company) and so on.

Dies (Not to be confused with Dye)

Alluminiun or magnesium print blocks with are heated and then used to 'melt' foils onto acetate, plastic, card etc. Also, see Hot-Foiling.

Digital Print Process

Modern print techniques employed by DecTek include Ink Jet, Thermal Transfer and Dye Sublimation which negates the need for screens, tooling and dies.  Also known as 'Print & Cut', using single moving planetary cutters which allow for complicated shapes and sizes while keeping production costs down.


The polyurethane resin applied in liquid form which 'cures' into a harder yet flexible convex miniscus or 'dome'.

Express Services

DecTek provides differing levels of guaranteed production turnarounds for those who are in a hurry.  Excess charges may be levied depending on production schedules at the time.

Flat Laminate

A cheaper alternative to resin doming achieved by encapsulating the print surface with a thin laminate material that increases the durability of the centre.

'Flexi' Resin

The resin applied to centres by DecTek in which the properties of the resin provide a flexible nature when handled.  This pliant characteristic ensures that the centres will adhere to most shapes and surfaces.

Hot-Foiling Technique

Also known as 'Hot Foil Stamping' or 'Blocking', a traditional print method using aluminium or magnesium dies (also see die) to 'melt' foils or vinyls onto substrate materials that include acetate, plastic, card etc.  DecTek do not employ dies as a method of production.

JPEG Format

'Joint Photographic Experts Group' - World-wide computer format used by DecTek to send proofs of artworks to customers prior to production. Most software programs are able to read JPEG which provides high definition colour images using a small amount of file space.

Metallic Print

Specialised and highly popular range of centres produced by DecTek using modern production methods to attain mirror finish gold and silver print.  The effect can be achieved by either printing onto gold or silver substrate material or by employing glossy print vinyls which produce a vibrant metallic effect.


'Portable Document Format' - Another world-wide computer format used by DecTek to send proofs of artworks to customers prior to production. Small programs can be downloaded free of charge from the internet and provide a high quality colour version for approval by the customer.


Historically manufactured in wood but alternative materials include MDF, plastic, and marble.

Photo-Action Standard Centre

Launched 2006, a new range of standard centres which incorporate high quality photographic scenes to depict different sports and pastimes. The flagship range of DecTek`s standard sports centres.

'Quick release' Sheet Format

All centres are supplied on sheets of 10 deep by however many the quantity dictates. They can be simply lifted off the sheet without having to peel off tabs from the back of the centres.

Screen Print

Also known as Silk Screen Printing, a method of printing whereby paint is squeezed through porous nylon or polyester screens onto substrate material (screens were originally made of silk).  Density of pores per inch vary depending on the size or complexity of the image.

Special Centre

Special centres are used to personalise a trophy by including details of the organisation's badge, crest or anything that might be particular to them. 

Providing a sense of uniqueness, they are available in as small a quantity as 100 and are used by an ever increasing number of clubs, associations and organisations to promote their identity.

Standard Centre

Standard centres are used to depict the type of sport, pastime or reference to a particular area of endeavour without referring to any particular organisation.  They are available in 1000's of guises providing a cheaper option to Special Centres.

Standard Special

Standard Specials provide a means of personalising a centre by using one of over a million images from the DecTek library.  The image is placed in the middle of the centre and is surrounded by personalised text which means that customers do not pay a set-up or origination charge.


A trim refers to an adornment or embellishment which fits onto a trophy, award, plaque etc.  It is normally produced in a multitude of sizes, shapes, colours and finishes with many containing a recess for receiving a centre.


General terms which can apply to trophies, plaques  medals, cups, certificates and so on.

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