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Vinyl Labels

What are Vinyl labels?

When you’re looking for an economic full colour labelling solution that cuts the cost but not the quality then vinyl labels are the answer. Thinner than paper but far more durable, this form of labelling provides a far more professional look with a wide choice of advantages which include:

Vinyl Label Laminated, Orange NHS by DecTek
  • Full Colour Print
  • Any Shape
  • Any Size
  • No Cutter Charges
  • Optional Lamination
  • Data Integration

Where Are Vinyl Labels used?

Just about everywhere you look, that's where. Even though they would normally be thought of with regards to products, they are used in just about every facet of industry, servicing, warehousing, health & safety, education, retail, display, asset control – the list is endless.

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How Are They Printed?

DecTek uses the same technology to print flat vinyl labels as it does Domed Labels which means that we can choose from various print technologies to get the right results for you. Depending on your requirement, we can choose form opaque hot-foiling up to 1440 high resolution digital print for superb small print detail and full colour definition.

Vinyl Sticker Foldable Orange, by DecTek

Why Use Different Print Methods?

Whether we use digital 4, 8, 10 colour ink-jet or hot-foiling to produce your labels will depend on the requirement of your label and the colours involved; in a nutshell, the processes can be broken down as follows:

Warning Vinyl label, Yellow by DecTek
  • Digital 4 x Colour ink-jet
    Wide range of colours - Can print Bitmaps - Limited amount of adhesive choice - UV stable inks - Can be laminated - Sophisticated data integration
  • Digital 8 x Colour ink-jet
    Wider range of colours, especially light shades - Can print Bitmaps - Limited amount of adhesive choice - UV stable inks - Can be laminated - Sophisticated data integration - Choice of materials
  • Digital 10 x Colour ink-jet
    Very wide colour gamut with White & Matt Metallic added as printable colours - Can print Bitmaps - Limited amount of adhesive choice - UV stable inks - Can be laminated - Sophisticated data integration - Choice of materials
  • Digital Hot-Foiling
    Colours are more opaque - Wide choice of substrates and finishes - limited adhesive choice - No lamination needed - Limited data integration - Hard-wearing print

Laminated Vinyl Label, Electrical Orange by DecTek


If you want to guarantee that your label will survive most conditions including the outdoors then lamination is the answer. By applying a laminate film in either a Gloss or Matt finish, you will totally protect the print surface from scuffing, liquids, UV rays and general degradation. Gloss laminate has always been popular but Matt laminate can add a touch of subtlety and depth to the design as well as defusing light glare.


Can I Order Small Quantities?

Yes you can, we are happy to print both small orders and large as the our very versatile method of production allows us to fit jobs side by side as we print them.

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Can I Have Any Shape or Size?

Yes, you can have just about any shape or size you want but it's worth sending us the artwork first so we can have a look it before you place the order.

Vinyl Sticker - RCarisma by DecTek

Can you cut out Recesses?

Yes we can, it’s a piece of cake! We use plotting machines to profile-cut the labels which enables us to cut out complicated shapes that contain spaces for LEDS, buttons, switches etc. without employing expensive cutters.

Bespoke Vinyl Label profile-cut by DecTek

Are there extra costs for bespoke sizes & shapes?

Generally, it doesn’t matter how big or complicated the shape is, although we would have to consider any complicated areas which would require waste material to be ‘picked’ in recessed areas.

Can they be used outdoors?

Yes they can, vinyl labels are water-resistant and printed with UMS (Ultra Mild Inks) UV stable inks but if you require the label to be totally scratch-proof, we would recommend lamination in either a gloss or matt finish.

Are there different grades of adhesive?

Yes, there are, depending on several factors which can affect the performance of adhesives generally, namely:

  • Temperature range in use
  • Temperature range during storage
  • Type of surface
  • Type of material (ie low surface energy need specific adhesives)

We would always recommend that any surface should be free of dirt or residues of any kind for vinyl label adhesion.

Vinyl Labels supplied on sheets from DecTek

How are they supplied?

The labels are supplied on a sheet which makes it simple to peel of and use, we do not supply our labels in roll form due to the method of print and profile cutting.

Does DecTek charge for extra colours?

Using digital ink-jet colour print technology means that we can use as many colours as we require without incurring extra costs, appropriate charges would be applied for any data merging or other forms of multiple data management.

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Can we have domed and flat versions of the same design?

Yes you can, providing the artwork is basically the same, we won't charge extra set-up costs.

Full Colour Vinyl Sticker, Tag-Z by DecTek

Are all the materials used by DecTek ROSH compliant?

Yes, all our production consumables have been sourced as ROSH compliant in line with current legislation.

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