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DecTek's portfolio of wide-format printed products includes Roll-Up Banners, Pop-Up Banner Stands, Posters, PVC Banners and Outdoor Graphics. These provide a variety of solutions for the requirements of the print, branding, advertising & marketing industries. Using only the very best materials and state-of-the-art digital print technology, DecTek provides solutions for the most discerning and demanding of customers.

Colour Matching at DecTek

What Does Wide Format Mean?

Wide format or ‘large format’ printing generally refers to printing that is undertaken by computer controlled machines which can print wider than 24”. Vector images or bitmaps can be printed at 4,6,8,10+ etc colours or even in Black & White using high resolution software for top quality results.

Are There Different Forms of Wide Format Printing?

Yes there are and DecTek employs several depending on the substrate, adhesive and expected usage of the printed product.

Solvent - This refers to any inks that are not water-based which means that the resulting prints will be water-proof. DecTek uses this technology to print mostly onto vinyls whereby the solvents soften the substrate which enables the ink pigments to mechanically latch onto the chemically etched surface producing a durable bond. DecTek uses UMS (Ultra Mild Solvent) inks which cover 83% of the Pantone colour gamut as well having several more added advantages:

Epson Surecolor S70600 10 Colour Printer - DecTek
  • Milder, non-aggressive solvents and multi-resin ink
  • Virtually odourless, no need for forced ventilation
  • Outdoor UV resistance up to 3 years without lamination
  • Fixed and dried at regular heating temperatures
  • Suited for high quality, high speed printing
  • Ideal for a wide range of coating and uncoated substrates
  • Designed for volume use

Aqueous - Piezo inkjet printers use an ink known as aqueous or water-based although this term is not altogether a truism as the pigment is held in a non-reactive carrier solution that is sometimes water and other times a substitute liquid. DecTek uses the dye ink option as it provides a impressively wide colour gamut including several blacks used through UltraChrome K3™ technology, hugely impressive for both full colour and Black & White print. Although not suitable for outdoor use, this method of printing is ideal for posters, canvasses & photographs.

Epson Surecolor T7000 Aqueous Printer - DecTek
  • Huge colour gamut
  • Several blacks
  • Suitable for fine art
  • High density pigments
  • Exceptional shadow detail

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