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DecTek's hi-tec print and resin application capability enables it produce a range of products which are used throughout the branding, advertising, promotional, marketing & trophies/awards industries which effectively means we are a branding company!

We produce 100's of products which can be personalised with logos, brands, promotions, announcements, campaigns, general messaging – whatever your need, we've probably got the solution for you.

How did it start?

DecTek originally started life producing items for the Trophies & Awards industry and become the first company in the world to start producing these types of products digitally. The company quickly grew and with new advances in digital print technology, began to meet the higher demands of industry producing domed labels.


Domed Labels, Badges, Stickers, Decals

DecTek's reputation quickly grew and it was not long belong before its domed polyurethane label products were being shipped all around the globally and being used by many of the biggest brand names in the world. Using between 1 and 2 tons of resin per month and continually investing in the latest print technology, DecTek found itself at the forefront of the resin doming industry in the UK with the demands of the product becoming even more demanding and varied.

From initially supplying into the trophy and awards sector, DecTek now has the increasing technical capability to complement the performance of a standard domed label with several other add-on benefits, namely:

Variable Data QR code with Sequential Numbering Colour Domed Labels - DecTek
  • A Range of Advanced Adhesives
  • Data Integration & Manipulation
  • Sequential Numbering
  • RFID
  • NFC
  • Barcoding
  • QR Codes
  • Free Sampling

DecTek has steadily but surely cemented itself as the UK leader of resin domed labels, badges, stickers & labels with a technical proficiency that is the envy of the industry.

Flat Vinyl Labels

What most people don't know is that DecTek is equally happy producing flat labels as it is domed labels with several advantages over its competitors. Using 6 x high speed plotters, flat vinyl labels can be sized and shaped to the requirements of the customer without the added expense of cutters, making it an ideal process especially for small to medium size orders. You can also apply many of the add-on benefits of domed labels to flat labels as well as the some of the following:

Vinyl Labels in bespoke shapes - DecTek
  • Any shape or size
  • Any amount of colours
  • Print on to clear vinyl (ideal for LCD)
  • Metallics
  • Supplied on flat sheets
  • Optional lamination

Domed Name Badges & Reusable Window Badges

The DecTek range of name badges came about as a natural progression form printing and doming labels, badges, stickers & decals. 1000's of badges are now are produced every day with a wide choice of fixings and data integration inclusion such as:

Name Badge Production at DecTek
  • Any number of logos
  • Any number of colours
  • Name/titles/positions etc
  • Sequential numbering
  • Photographs
  • Barcoding

DecTek possesses one of the most sophisticated data-to-print facilities in name the badge business guaranteeing quality, accuracy and delivery times. We are also the only company in the UK to offer free pre-order sampling regardless of order placement.

Display Graphics

The inclusion of our large range of Display Graphics hastened the decision for DecTek to move to its new state-of-the-art production and administration facility at the start of 2013. The range consists of many different products which are able to incorporate branding and messaging both indoors and out. Typical usage includes:

Display Graphics - Grasshopper Roller Banner from DecTek
Roller Banners, Pop-Up Stands, Flags, Counters, Literature Display, iPad Display
Posters, Poster Frames, PVC Banners, Graphics, Literature Display, Pavement Signs
Pavement Signs, PVC Banners, Poster Frames, Posters, Signage
Modular Folding Kits, Signage, Posters, Poster Frames
Sports Events:
Flags, Signage, Graphics, Pavement Signs


Trophy & Awards Industry

Although DecTek has diversified greatly since first starting life supplying specific personalised products into the Trophy & Awards sector and it still retains close links it with supplying around 40% of the wholesalers involved in the industry plus 100's of retail shops throughout the UK and Europe. Our growing production capacity ensures that DecTek continually meets the demands placed upon it from a very demanding industry which operates under strict deadlines.

Services we offer:

Trophy Centres from DecTek
  • Special Centres
  • Standard Centres
  • Metallic Centres
  • Domed Emblems
  • Apex Express Service


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